Wall Putty - White Cement Based

Wallmark wall putty is specially developed as a finish coat to cover unevenness and pinholes in plastered surfaces and to make the walls/ceilings ready for painting. as it is white, it can be treated as a base coat for painting. It contains finest quality minerals, white cement and polymers. What is a skim coat? A skim coat is a thin layer of cementitious plaster which is "skimmed" e.g. applied very thinly onto the exterior and interior of plastered and concrete surfaces.


Excellent bonding to the base plaster / concrete
Scratch resistant
UV resistant
Water Resistant
Reduction in Cracking
Can be used on new as well as old walls / ceilings


Excellent workability
Can be applied directly on RCC surface
Ease of use at site
Suitable for interiors as well as exteriors
Consistent work quality
Excellent, Super smooth, Super white finish


Reduced paint consumption
Primer not required
Saves time
Cost effective
Avoids peeling of paints