Royal Finish Wall Primer

Product Description

Wallmark Royal Finish Interior primer water thinnable is formulated by using copolymer emulsion and ideal combination of pigments and extenders so as to ensure deep penetration and sealing of porous surfaces. It is pigmented white to give reasonable opacity to the primer. It is suitable for interior application for priming of plastered surfaces and other masonry works. It makes the surface less absorbent.

Performance Features & Benefits

  •   Excellent adhesion to substrate
  •   Very good intercoat adhesion.
  •   Seals dry porous surfaces.
  •   Good hardness.
  •   Ease of application.

Recommended Usage

Wallmark Royal Finish Interior primer water thinnable can be applied on plastered surfaces, asbestos sheets, concrete, brickwork, etc. prior to over painting with water-based paints. It is used for Interior application only.

Surface Preparation

Ensure the surface is clean, dry free from all defective or poorly adhering material, dirt, grease, wax etc. Remove all loose or poorly adhering materials by rubbing down using suitable abrasive paper and thereafter wipe off. Treat fungus affected area using Nerolac Fungicidal Solution. Allow to react for 6 – 8 hrs. Apply a coat of Wallmark Royal Finish Interior primer White (Water Thinnable) before application of required top coats.

Pack Sizes

1 ltr, 4 ltrs., 10 ltrs. & 20 ltrs.