Ready-Mix Plaster - Opc Cement Based

Wallmark Ready-Mix plaster is manufactured in modern dry mix plant with computerized batch process. Plaster is made ready to use by just mixing water at site. This process eliminates job site mixing practices. Hence gives consistent quality with required sand mesh sizes in exact proportion which is most important for compactness of plaster.

Coverage & Benefits

Wallmark Ready-Mix plaster approx coverage per 40 kg bag as under.
10-12 mm plaster on light weight blocks is 17-18 sq ft.
10-12 mm on brick wall 14-15 sq ft
18 mm on light weight blocks is 11 sq ft
25 mm on brick wall 7-7.5 sq ft
10 mm in RCC 20-22 sq ft
Coverages depends on quality & nature of substrates hence is indication.
Plaster >10-12 mm must be in 2 coats.
Compact plaster, reduce void gaps
Negligible slit content
Reduces rebounding
Wallmark Ready-Mix plaster provides highly durable plaster that cuts repair and maintenance cost
Excellent workability and good adhesion on various substrate
Paint finish and life of paint are enhanced